Hello, my name is Neil Christopher Gray, Christopher Neil is my business name if you haven’t already figured that one out. Let me share with you a bit about myself.

I have worked with computers and websites for years.

The reason that I started this website is to record my journey into the world of internet marketing.  Lots of people enter and exit the internet marketing world because they have been offered so much and had little deivered. Basically they have chased “shiny objects” (I have been there myself).

How would I describe myself? A compulsive entrepreneur, I do not like working for other people. I have held one employed position in my entire life working for a bank (I hated it).

I have built many businessess some successful, some not. I have had online and offline bussinesss and made money in both sphere’s. Given the times we now live in I believe it is going to become much harder to make money offline and that online business is in a boom time.

Starting a new business is not easy but it can be extremely rewarding when it is successful. There will be good times and bad, you wil probably at some stage feel like giving up BUT DO NOT. Perciverance and determination will WIN in the end.

If you are fully committed, and ready to do whatever it takes to succeed, then you will not fall short.  One thing is certain, you can expect ups and downs.  There will be times when you want to quit, JUST PUSH ON.  It will get better.

I want to create a business that will not only benefit me but also to help others reach their goals and dreams and hopefully change people’s lives.

I am not alone in this venture, I have a mentor by the name of John Thornhill who has been in the IM field for many years and has tremendous success. I am drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience for the good of all.

If you follow me and this blog, I hope it will help you and maybe inspire you to start your own online business. I you asked me to name one thing that would be very beneficial in helping yoi get started in you own online business it would be THIS CLICK HERE.

The very best of luck to you and your future success Christopher Neil.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.