It’s a question that seems to get asked a lot these days.

Is email marketing dead?

With the advent of ever emerging new for of technology and new platforms – social media, messenger, whats app etc. email does seem to be a bit archaic. However, the stats tell us a completely different story.

With over 4 billion users’ worldwide email is still one of the best ways to reach existing and potential new customers.

I would have expected that more people would check their social media first thing in the morning rather than email, but apparently, I am wrong. It’s the other way around, more people check email first thig in the morning. And more people expect to receive business communication by email.

It appears then that giving up on email would mean a significant loss of business opportunities.

Thinking about it, social media customers are there more for entertainment and fun than a business promotion for example, people expect to find promotional emails in their inboxes and believe it is more acceptable.

The stats seem to prove this theory.

60% of consumers have purchased a product after receiving a promotional email compared to only 12.5% who would consider a purchase based upon a social media promotional post or message.

So, it seems email marketing is most cetinately NOT dead.

However, spammy email most definitely is. The last thing you need is to be classed as a spammy emailer so avoid and adhere to the rules.

Firstly, make sure you are familiar with and have GDPR compliancy on your website or blog. So, you must have double opt-in to get your clients permission the person is an existing client who has made a purchase or has been provided with an easy way to opt-out.

Personalization – in subject lines and the email body can help to reduce the number of unsubscribes and is use often in business these days. People like to feel that they are known. So, use the fisrtname fix option and write their name in the email occasionally.

This is a big one, apparently just over 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile phone so if your emails are not mobile friendly it is a big turn of to a large chunk of receivers. Please make sure that if you are sending an email that is business related and that you want as many opens from as possible, you have it formatted correctly.

How do you make sure that your email is formatted for mobile as well?

In the early days, you would use a text document and type 123456789 across the top 5 times. This then acted as you margin, typing past the line of numbers means that your readers will need to scroll on their mobiles.

There is, however, a great little tool called WordWrap that takes care of this for you if you are an email writer and I have made this tool free for all my readers. If you would like to write mobile friendly emails effortlessly completely free visit the following url:

Basically, you write/type the email in the wordwrap in the normal way and click a button which wraps your text so that it is formatted correctly for mobiles. Fabulous.

Unappealing visual design is another put off in emails. If your emails are going to contain graphics or images, make sure that they are good quality, low resolution can turn off customers. There are many businesses out there that are sending visually appealing emails these days so make sure yours is up there with the best of them.

Now we know that email marketing is most definitely NOT dead, and we have covered what to avoid with email marketing, in my next post I will cover what the essentials are that we should be doing with email marketing.

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