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My journey with Internet Marketing so far……….

Maybe you are like me and you have dabbled in and out of Internet Marketing for several years and have never really had any great success. Perhaps just a few affiliate sales here and there, when in all truth, you have probably spent more than you have earnt.

There are many “shiny objects” as they call them out there which promise the earth and which once you have parted with your money do not deliver. I have taken a few courses (some big bucks) and have had mixed success with these as well.

Q. What has been my biggest hurdle? A.TRAFFIC

Maybe you are promoting other peoples products as an affiliate, if you do not have a ready made audience you have to drive traffic to the offer and that can prove difficult. It has for me.

Recently it clicked when I saw a refferal to another course, which brings me quickly up to the present day and the launch of this blog. This is a program which I have joined, and I have joined because when I watched the webinar for the program, a). I was impressed by the presenter, owner and developer and b). because “the penny dropped”. I will explain…..

As I mentioned, unless you have an audience or are an expert at driving traffic, free or paid to an offer it is hard to make money as an affiliate in my experience. The dropping penny was that the big money is made in Internet Marketing by creating and selling your own product. Develop, create and have affiliates selling YOUR product/s.

For this very reason I joined this program as it teaches exactly that, it takes you on a journey from day one guiding you to create the correct prescence on the internet right down to the creation, promotion and selling of your own product.

It’s a step by step process, literally hand holding all the way so it is fantastic if you are new to this field and even if you have some experience it will definately help as well.

I am in the very early stages and everything I have seen and learnt so far has been eye openning and I fully understand how this will help anyone to be successful. It practically forces you to follow a path to proven success.

In this blog I will regularly write about my experience in the program, where I am up to and if I continue to find it as good and valuable, as I am so far. But can I just tell you the beginning. The beginning of the program is the creation of your own blog and writing engageing and interesting articles for your viewers. Included in the program is a special bonus from the owner, he will post once per month a post that you create for your blog on his blog to which and he has thousand’s of followers. This is huge exposure and a fantastic way to get traction for yourself.

I have never ever seen any other marketer do anything like this I believe this is unique!

Please do look out for more posts in the next few days which will update my journey.

Thanks for reading

PS. If you would like a quick peak at what I am referring to watch this free webinar HERE.

PPS. The program is a big investment but one that I believe will be worthwhile. If the investment is out of reach for you at the moment and you would like more detailed information and for me to teach you what I am learning please connect with me HERE.

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