I thought it might be useful to do a very quick post to explain the meaning of all the statistics in Google Analytics as they can be interpreted incorrectly. Which could mean you are not getting the results you thought you were.


What is a pageview?

A pageview is the loading of one webpage by one person. A person loading the same webpage, say 25 times would show in Google Analytics as 25 pageviews.

Why would one person load the same page 25 times? Who knows!

But this leads us to perhaps false data or misleading data, hence we have………..

Unique Pageviews

A unique pageview is probably the best metric for determining how engaged your website or blog is.

If we take our person who has loaded your webpage 25 times, unique views discounts 24 page loads and so would record in Google Analytics as 1 unique view.

So, you would see in your stats 25 pageviews, 1 unique view.

However, if the same person was to leave your website and return later on and load the same page it would count as a 2nd unique view.

But before we have pageviews or unique views, we have another metric which is impressions.


This is a bit confusing and more widely used in relation to advertising, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads and would then refer to the number of people your Ad is placed in front of irrespective of clicks.

In relation to a website or blog an impression would be when Google reveals your website as a search result.

So, what about a hit? We often hear the phrase a website got “x number of hits”


An example of a hit would be a call to a server for a file. A file could be a webpage but also on that page could be audio, video or images which are also files. Therefore, one hit does not necessarily mean one visit to a webpage.

A webpage could have relatively few visits but a lot of hits.

I believe most people when they hear the word hit in relation to a website think it means the number of visitors. Quite misleading and it is important to know the difference.

Knowing the above will help you analyse your website stats more accurately, in particular knowing that the pageview stat is probably not an accurate record of the number of visitors to your website and that unique pageviews is a better record.

Super short and sweet but hopefully helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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