With the dramatic increase in shopping online in all aspects of business and consumers relying more and more on search engines, online marketing is essential for most businesses.

The whole purpose of marketing is to increase your volume of sales and to do this online, your website needs traffic and as much of it as you can get. However, the traffic to your website be convert or it is pointless. There is no point in sending thousands of visitors to a website if no one buys anything.

So, where do you get your traffic, and which is the best source?

1. Organic Traffic

What is organic traffic? Organic traffic is traffic sent to a website by a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing for example.

There are two major benefits to organic traffic, firstly it is free and secondly it is often more effective. Improving organic traffic is mainly achieved by search engine optimisation (SEO) The idea is to improve the ranking of your website so that ultimately it appears on the first page of search engines. SEO is a subject on its own and you can view more about SEO in an article I wrote here: www.christopher-neil.com/the-boring-stuff-more/

2. Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is a great way to get visitors to your website, especially if your business is new. The ideal is a balance between paid and organic traffic and as your organic traffic grows with time, the less you will need to spend on paid traffic. Paid traffic can come from various sources, search engine ads such as Google ads, Bing ads, etc and social media, Facebook ads, YouTube ads for example.

The most important thing to note about paid traffic is the data that is supplied with it. You can learn a tremendous amount about your audience with paid traffic data and use this to your advantage. It will allow you to target your customer demographics in many ways. By age, sex, location and many other filters so that in time your paid traffic becomes highly effective and your return on investment increases.

With paid traffic your ROI is the most important aspect, after all if you ROI is not good you are just wasting money on visitors to your website who are not buying.

3. Referral Traffic

Content marketing is referral traffic and one of the most common way to grow your traffic is exactly what you are reading right now, a blog post. This is content and hopefully valuable content to the readers.

Content can be a great source of visitors from inbound links and referrals, businesses that blog are said to get 55% more website traffic. If what you provide is valuable content, you will get noticed and other bloggers will invite you to guest blog, meaning that they will post your content or a post you have written on their blog giving you even more exposure and traffic.

4. Social Media Traffic

Social media is a fantastic source of traffic. I do not mean here paid social media traffic I am talking about having a social media presence that encourages people or a community (e.g. Facebook Group) to visit your website.

Social media traffic is more targeted as your presence will revolve around like-minded people, people who are interested in the topic of your presence. It’s more niche marketing. For example, if you are selling dog training products, you might create a Facebook group for dog lovers, an Instagram account full of images of dog training and tweet about new techniques.

The best part of social media is that your audience can only grow and grow. If you put the effort into growing your social media presence your audience can snowball. Set yourself a target of increasing your followers by 10% per month. If your following is currently 100, you will have 110 next month which will compound. When you have 1000 next month you will have 1100. However, when you reach 100,000 followers you increase your audience by 10,000 potential viewers every month.

You can see just how big an audience you can grow on social media and why it is such a great source of traffic.

Above are the main sources of visitors to your website. The most important aspects are qualified traffic and conversion rates. Focusing on qualified traffic using the above resources and having the products and services that your audience crave are the key to your all important ROI.

Thank you for reading.

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    • Lewis Anderson

      Hi Chris, I really like your blog post. From what I have found, if you just sit down and put the time in to do “the boring stuff” basically the work, then after two weeks, you see your page views increase massively. One blog post at a time, one image a time, one word at a time and in the end you have this amazing SEO ranked blog getting much higher page views than before.

      I have only experienced major SEO increases with local keywords but I am currently working on more major ones to help my pages rank.

      Thanks again for the info.

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