In general we know that if you own a businesess you hope that you can rely on your customers good will by them leaving the premises after benefitting from your service or having made a purchase, returning home and taking the time and effort to turn on the computer and visit a review website (Google, Tripadvisor, Truspilot etc) and write you a review.

Our unique software helps you obtain more high quality leads by removing the “hope” and encouraging your customers to write reviews there and then in your premises. We do this in two main ways:

1. We provide you with a unique to your business QR code. This can be displayed in many inventive ways in your business premises. For example in a cafe or restaurant this maybe a small sticker on the table (similar to menu QR’s that many restaurants now use) that the customer can scan and leave a review. Or in a hairdressers it could be in a frame on the wall next to the mirror.

2. We also provide you with a url link which you can use in customer communications (email, newsletters etc) or in website text which customers can click to write a review.

However, our unique system takes this review writing encouragemnet to another level. We have built into the system filters which only allow high quality leads to be seamlessly delivered to the review website. Low quality reviews are internalised for review by you as the business owner.

These filters massively help you to exponentially increase your review rating quickly and effectively, bringing your business to the top of the review tables over time.

We are so confident in our system that we offer you a 30 day no obligation free trial to prove to you that our system works before you part with a single penny.

Please contact us to discuss this further and start your FREE trial today.